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Sirius XM Radio Movie takes on CNBC and Business News

Sirius XM Radio investors calling out the Business News Media

My name is Richard Keane and I’m the narrator for the Sirius Xm Radio movie called
Stock Shock “ The Short Selling of the American Dream “ released June 10th, 2009

This 72 minute documentary is about how the SEC made “ Greed Legal on Wall Street “ when the then head of the SEC, Christopher Cox was lobbied and paid off to eliminate the Up Tick rule in July of 2007, that made Greed Legal. Today it was reported that on Wednesday February 24th, 2010 the SEC will make a vote to bring back the uptick rule or parts of it. I will not get into specifics about all that, you can find it all on my web site at search my blog, twitter and the movie web site Stock Shock on the page and get educated to the real and honest truth about what has taken place and how the Business News TV media and newspapers have turned a blind eye to it all.

Yes, the likes of CNBC, Bloomberg News and Fox Business News which are all on TV and investors watch to try and get the business news from these 3 major TV shows.  I’m calling all three of these shows out on the carpet today, yes today February 19th, 2010.  They want to report false and mis-leading stories along with fear mongering in regards to Sirius XM Radio inc. symbol ( siri ) you know the symbol, it’s been all over CNBC’s ticker for weeks and one of the most active stocks in the market. They want to tell false stories, yet the biggest success story since the recession of 2008- they refuse to tell that story.

The Story is about how Sirius XM Radio investors like me stood up to CNBC and the rest of the TV business world along with taking on Rupert Murdoch and all his newspapers.  How on earth can the WSJ, NY Times, NY Post, Barron’s, financial times, Bloomberg, Fox news, CNBC and the rest of the Business news not tell the Sirius XM Radio success story and the movie that was made by Director Sandra Mohr, who will get recognition on March 28th, 2010 at the woman’s international film festival on Sunset BLVD for her movie called Stock Shock.  Her movie web site is

So here we have the SEC meeting next week ( 2/24/10 ) about the LAW’s that they could vote to change back in regards to the Up Tick Rule and the movie Stock Shock is about the uptick rule and how they made Greed Legal on Wall Street when the SEC removed the LAW in July 2007.  Her documentary is told through the eyes and views of Sirius XM Radio investors.  What better stock to do the movie about the uptick rule on, then Sirius XM Radio, since it was the most Naked Shorted Stock on Wall Street the past few years until Wall Street learned of the movie being filmed?  Yes, Wall Street knew of the movie, it was announced in February 2009 that it was going to be filmed. That was the same time that the news media went on TV and told the world that Sirius XM Radio was going bankrupt.  The Sirius XM Radio investors knew it was a lie and banded together.  Thank God for the movie director to come up with the idea to make a movie about this scandal and to get the real truth out about the company and the news media collusion.  The movie was completed June 10th, 2009 and since the start of making the film the stock price has climbed from .06 cents to over $1.08 as of today.  The news media is still using their fear mongering tactics with all their power and control of the newspapers and TV to spread still false rumors.  Why have they not told the real truth and covered the Sirius XM Radio movie, which explains clearly all about the news media involvement of CNBC not reporting the facts, not to mention explaining the uptick rule. How can a Business newspaper or TV show not report this story?
I write this letter to call you out and put it on the record today. Tell the truth, cover the story. I know CNBC will not cover the story because in the movie it shows many CNBC news clips of their mis-leading stories, not to mention it shows Jim Cramer explaining how he lies to CNBC. This is why there is no coverage by CNBC or any of the news media.
I guess we still have to take the fight to the internet bloggers, twitter and other social media outlets to get this story told, but when Oliver Stone’s new movie comes out on April 23rd, 2010 it will shed some light into the saying “ GREED IS LEGAL “ yes, the uptick rule elimination caused all this greed and the News Media outlets must be getting paid off by Goldman Sachs since CNBC talks about Goldman Sachs all day long like they are God, no wonder the CEO made the comment “We do God’s work.”

So the questions to CNBC and the rest of the Business News Media is this. What are you going to do? The longer you ignore the Sirius XM Radio movie the more you will be embarrassed as the real truth unfolds in Hollywood and with the bloggers. Do your investigative research and tell the truth to the Sirius XM Radio investors and the World.  Stock Shock the movie, check it out and report on it.
This success story of the recession of 2008 is going to be told by Hollywood. The question is will the Business news media tell the story. It’s a great business story and CNBC and the rest of the Businesss news media has chosen to cover it up. WHY?

Richard Keane
Feb 19th, 2010

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