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Wall Street Fails To Deliver

Wall Street Fails To Deliver
the real
Weapons of Mass Destruction
FTD’s = WMD’s

It is July 25th, 2011 and the President of the United States, Barack Obama has just signed into Law an Emergency Executive Order–Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations. President Obama states in this order “ such organizations are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dangerous to the United States; they are increasingly entrenched in the operations of foreign governments and the international financial system.” The President then goes on to say “ I therefore determine that significant transnational criminal organizations constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and the economy of the United States, and hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat. “

The threat, well here is the link to the Emergency Executive Order Read for yourself and see who the criminal organizations are listed in the annex on page 3 and the 4 Entities. The threat lies within the Wall Street financial system and the manipulation of the stock market via counterfeiting in all aspects of the stock market. Wall Street has Failed To Deliver the stocks and this is what has caused the financial meltdown, not to mention the Flash Crash on May 6th, 2010 along with the destruction of Bears (March 2008) and Lehman Brothers (Sept 2008), resulting in the bankrupting of thousands of companies, hence the Destruction of the American Economy and the job growth in the United States. The Hole in the System is the Stock Borrow Program at the (DTCC) the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation that clears all the trades at the DTCC. The Stock Borrow Program allows the trades to get thru electronically at super speeds even though these criminal brokerage houses and hedge funds Fail to Deliver the stocks. It is called Naked Short Selling, in other words COUNTERFEITING. Phantom Shares sold by these criminal organizations, including the top banks in the United States along with all these growing hedge funds from all over the world. There is $30 trillion dollars a month going thru the DTCC and each and every day there is up to $6 Billion dollars a day of counterfeiting going on and increasing each day, because the system is full of counterfeit phantom shares, that have been manipulated by these criminal organizations mentioned in that Emergency Executive Order. These Fails To Deliver ( FTD’s ) are the real Weapons of Mass Destruction ( WMD’s ) yet, the news media still remains silent even though the Government admitted that NSS is a real threat to the U.S in 2008 by SEC Commissioner Christopher Cox and now the White House.

Listed below is a sequence of events to connect the dots to how we have gotten to the point of the threat to our National Security and the Economy of the United States and the Russian connection and other criminal organizations. To bring out the truth and make this real, all you have to do is read the words of the President in his Executive order. Here is and MP3 from a radio show on June 4th, 2010 with a leading a securities lawyer and a former FBI agent as they discuss these threats. Please listen to the caller at the 20 minute mark. It brings to light just how widespread this corruption is within the United States financial system. here is the MP3 from that radio show

The sequence to the Russian connection and the Criminal Organizations of the World on Wall Street

May 2007, Goldman Sachs hires Sergey Aleynikov, a Russian math whiz, computer programmer
July 6th, 2007 The uptick rule is eliminated on Wall Street, it increases massive counterfeiting by these hedge funds and brokerage houses from all over the world. Hedge Funds growing rapidly to manipulate the Fails to Deliver in Stocks
March 2008 Bears Sterns goes down via this counterfeiting. SEC commissioner admits Naked Short Selling is real and protects 19 of the top banks from counterfeiting stocks in these top 19 banks.
June 2008, Hank Paulson secretly meets with Goldman Sachs directors in Russia.
Sept 15th, 2008 Lehman Brothers goes down because of the massive NSS of counterfeit shares. The Government again steps in and protects 799 financial stocks from Naked Short Selling ( NSS ).

Sept 29th, 2008 Dow Falls 777 Points  ( Casino Jackpot ) after the Senate Bill Fails on the Bailout.  Was the 777 points another message.  Wall ST Casino.  Then Bailout is passed.

Dec 2008, Bernie Madoff is arrested. Looks like they are trying to spin Bernie Madoff as the reason for the meltdown due to his giant Ponzi Scheme
March 9th, 2009. The Stock market bottoms out just as word leaks of a movie coming out about Naked Short Selling and the elimination of the uptick rule.
June 2010, 2009 The movie Stock Shock- The Short Selling of the American Dream comes out. No media covers it.
July 3rd, 2009 Sergey Aleynikov the Russian math whiz steals and sends over 1000 Goldman Sachs secret codes and files to a German web site that was owned by someone in London.  FBI arrests him July 3rd 2009
October 2009 Galleon insider trading scandal 5 arrested. in November 2009 14 more arrested.

January 2010 CMKX Lawsuit Filed.  The Worlds largest lawsuit in history and it involves Wall Street Counterfeiting of Stocks.  2.25 Trillion shares were counterfeited on Wall Street.

April 5th, 2010 RT TV   Russian TV out of the Washington Bureau reporter Alyona Minkovski  ” The Alyona Show  talks about CMKX story

April 14th, 2010 RT TV CMKX follow up on Alyona Show with CMKX shareholder David Nelson or

April 15th, 2010 Goldman Sachs board of Directer tied to the Galleon insider trading scandal

April 16th, 2010 Goldman Sachs  Civil fraud charges is finally all over the TV news
April 20th, 2010 Goldman Sachs all over TV for for mortgage fraud and housing scandal at senate hearings. 5 GS Workers all over TV at hearings.
May 4th, 2010 Goldman Sachs pays fine ( $450K ) for NSS  385 separate times in two month period of Dec 2008/Jan 2009. No media report
May 4th, 2010 Car bomb  found in NY city.  That same day Goldman Sachs settles for their 385 fails to deliver (NSS ) with a laughable $450K fine and not one word about it on TV news. amazing.
May 6th, 2010 did they ( Criminals ) send a message? …”back off NSS story and Goldman Sachs ” or we destroy the stock market,  Then the FLASH Crash happens around 2:30pm  drops from 300 points to 970 in 2 1/2 minutes
May 18th, 2010 Germany unannounced to the world bans NSS (what did they know about those GS secret codes/files)
May 28th, 2010 I made the video about Sergey Aleynikov  on you tube called Wall Street Dirty Secrets.
Youtube Dirty Secrets part 2 came out May 30th 2010
You tube Dirty Secrets part 1 came out May 2010

June  4th, 2010 I called into the radio show  with Wes Christian and the FBI agent Don Clark  Winning strategies  and I discuss the Russian math whiz/computer programmer at Goldman Sergey Aleynikov being arrested by the FBI July 3rd 2009  and that he sent over 1000 secret codes and files of Goldman Sachs and sent  to a German web site, which was owned by someone in London.  All in an FBI reported document that came out on internet, yet no TV coverage again.

This was all discussed on the radio and I also asked about Germany banning NSS on May 18th, 2010  and said  WHAT DID THEY KNOW?  from those secrets codes and files send on July 3rd 2009 from Russian Sergey Aleynikov. Who was the Web site? What does Germany now know? It appears the same with President Obama in the Executive Order dated July 25th, 2011.

June 7th, 2010 Newsweek magazine does a two page story on Wall Street Casino.  Writer mentions the Sergey Aleynikov arrest in one of the paragraphs, but no in depth details. I called the writer same day and talked to him over the phone. The  following week  the reporter was shipped out  on 2 year assignment.    Why?  He was about to uncover the biggest story ever told.

June 27th, 2010 Anna Chapman and 9 other Russian spies arrested and all over TV for two weeks and ends up being 12 spies total. The news media says she was a Red Headed bomb shell and was only sipping coffee at starbucks using her lap top.
July 8th, 2010 They trade the 12 Russian spies and ship to Russia – in return  we get back  4 spies. Why???

July 15th, 2010 Goldman Sachs   fined  for the housing scandal from the April 16th civil charges  $550 million

It is my believe that all this came about and somehow the FBI tracked down the Russian spies linked to the Flash Crash  because each of the spies were working for the hedge funds and specializing in the Naked Shorting and the selling of Phantom Shares ( COUNTERFEIT ) stocks.   Did any of those Goldman Sachs secret codes and files link the Russian spies? This is proven in deep capture as the writer explains who Anna Chapman and the other 11 spies and who they worked for listed later on in this article, which was Hedge funds naked short selling stocks.  Great U.S news media reporting, pretty sad.

now fast forward to 2011 and the Presidents  Emergency Executive Order  dated July 25th, 2011
The movie Wall Street Conspiracy movie here is link. soon to come out.
The movie Radio Wars will be out Sept 2011 here is the link will media finally report on TV, the NSS story.

April 22nd, 2011 Watch this 19 minute video.  A meeting with the Florida (OFR) Office of Financial Regulations Director and Chief.

June 2011 The awesome in depth investigative reporting by Mark Mitchell of Deep Capture. He has reported 20 chapters so far. here is the link How is his truly amazing investigative reporting not all over TV.

It is all starting to make sense. The dots are being connected by real investigative reporting.  The Weapons of Mass Destruction = FTD’s / Fails To Deliver. The HOLE in the system, is at the DTCC and the Stock Borrow Program which is allowing the phantom shares to flood the stock markets. Listed below is a case in which it was just settled on ( June 20th, 2011 ) and that the 8 biggest banks in the United States, including Goldman Sachs. The settlement was for the plaintiffs allegation that these top 8 brokerage houses were selling phantom shares of Taser Stock. ( Counterfeit shares means = NSS, Naked Short Selling, FTD’s, Fails To Deliver, Phantom Shares ) these are all words that mean the same, the brokerage houses and these criminal hedge funds were selling nothing, thin air, counterfeit shares and that my friends are the real WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION ( WMD’s ) They didn’t find these WMD’s in Iraq, they are flooded all within the financial systems on Wall Street and at the DTCC, created by the Stock Borrow Program.

I can only pray that the founding father of the NSS Fails To Deliver fight,  Mr Patrick Byrne the CEO of OverStock, can finally shed some light on this on the National Stage ( all over TV ) Overstock vs Goldman Sachs as he goes to Trial on December 5th, 2011 Will the news media cover this trial like they have the Casey Anthony Trial? This story affects the entire World, will they remain silent? if so Why? Is there a United States Government Gag order on Wall Street Fails To Deliver story? It will go down in History as the biggest story and cover up ever reported, if told. I want to point out that there is the Largest Lawsuit in the history of the World in a California court right now and the Lawyer for the Plaintiffs, Al Clifton Hodges has stated in a affidavit dated July 21st, 2011, that there are settlement talks now ( the largest Naked Shorted Stock in Wall Street History ) the CMKM Diamonds story, see the movie on CNN I-report web site. here it is the most shared video ALL time, yet still the TV news media refuses to cover this Wall Street counterfeiting story.  Why?
Here is the link to the Lawyer’s Affidavit signed July 21st, 2011 just 4 days before the President signs into law the Emergency Executive Order. Hope the media follows up on the negotiations, if no settlement, the CMKM Diamonds Lawyer’s opening brief is due August 24th, 2011.

I hope I connected the dots for you. The $3.87 trillion dollar question now is, will the news media start to cover these Trials and Court actions? If so, we will finally expose the real truth about the real Weapons of Mass Destruction, these Wall Street – Fails To Deliver that caused the Destruction of the United States Economy.

Richard Keane

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    Please help me send this article all over the internet. The investigative reporting has been done by a few good men/woman. Now it is up the the national media to finally do their job, research these facts and report the story to the American people and the World. We have done their investigative reporting for these news media outlets for free, now, please go do your job and report this story to the people on National TV and expose this story.


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